Can Charcoal Actually Whiten Your Teeth?

Charcoal teeth whitening

Can Charcoal Actually Whiten Your Teeth?

Can Charcoal Actually Whitening Your Teeth?


Most of us see a lot of advertisement on social media. One of them is charcoal-containing teeth products. Some even come in a different form besides toothpaste, such as powder or tablets. It’s not actually charcoal, but activated charcoal. People claim this new craze is better for your teeth than professional whitening treatments. Is that true? Let’s look at whether charcoal is effective at teeth whitening, and how it compares to whitening treatments from your dentist.

What Is Charcoal Toothpaste?

The main ingredient in charcoal toothpaste is charcoal, but it’s not exactly what you would find in the grill or an art studio. The component in toothpaste is what’s referred to as “activated charcoal.”

Charcoal is activated by being exposed to a special gas that makes it develop large pores. These spaces make the charcoal more absorbent, allowing it to soak a variety of substances, including, some claim, surface stains on your teeth.

Activated charcoal is not the only ingredient in these toothpastes. Some might contain flavoring. Some have fluoride as well, but others do not.


Can Charcoal Actually Whitening Your Teeth?

Studies have not been able to determine a direct relationship between charcoal and teeth whitening. More research is needed to prove a connection.

Advocates of activated charcoal say that it can absorb surface stains. However, some research has suggested that the toothpaste simply scrubs the teeth’s enamel and does not actually remove the stains. One option might be that charcoal has caused people to brush more, resulting in slightly whiter teeth. However, that treatment does not have nearly as many advantages as seeking a professional whitening treatment from your dentist.


What Are The Benefits of Professional Teeth Whitening?

If you’re interested in a brighter smile, the first thing you should do is talk to your dentist. Because the jury is still out on the benefits of activated charcoal whitening, your dentist will likely prescribe you a professional whitening treatment instead, since its results have been proven to work. Here are a few benefits of getting your teeth professionally whitened:

Custom-made trays designed to fit your unique smile
Powerful bleaching agent much stronger than anything you can find in stores or online.
Guaranteed to make your smile 8-10 shades whiter in just 2 weeks.
Charcoal whitening may be a new hope, but professional teeth whitening will be a exact solution and will last a lot longer. Because we don’t know enough about charcoal treatment, consult your dentist before trying it out.

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